GATHER:to bring together                  GIVE:make available/provide

The GLSF Board of Directors offers you a challenge that will both provide some fun/entertainment for you, your family, your friends as well as provide funding for its scholarship program.

Here is how it goes:

GATHERyour household and/or neighbors and/or friends and/or family (whomever you are comfortable with during this era of COVID. Gathering often includes beverage, food and fun.

Here are just a few GATHERING ideas involving food.

Host a breakfast; Norwegian pancakes or Danish æbleskiver come to mind

Host a lunch; Scandinavian smørrebrød; soup and crusty bread; or whatever lunch food works

Host a dinner; lutefisk and the trimmings; meatballs and the trimmings; pork loin and Danish red cabbage or whatever food works

Host a special gathering; a klub feast; gather to make: krumkakke; rosettes; favorite Scandinavian cookies lefse [many hands make light work]

A dance party? A sports watch party? Streaming movie night?

You see the sky is the limit

GIVE(donate) to GLSF. Establish a “participation” fee for each person joining. It could be some arbitrary amount; it could be the average they might have spent on Bucket Raffle Tickets in the past. It is a donation, so it comes by mutual agreement or from the heart.

Have fun!

General guiding principles:

Hold your gathering anytime between October 1 and December 31

Take a couple of pictures

Record the attendees

Total the amount GIVEn

Submit the pictures; general description; attendees and amount raised to

then submit funds to:

  Grieg Lodge Scholarship Fund: Gather & Give Challenge

  Grieg Lodge

  111 NE 11th Ave

  Portland, OR 97232-3002

On Sale now: Bjorn Heglie’s new CD

Bjorn Heglie, 2019 Fedde Grant winner, has generously provided copies of his current CD for sale to benefit GLSF.

Price: $15 which includes mailing.

Send checks to:

  Grieg Lodge Scholarship Fund:Bjorn Heglie CD

  Grieg Lodge

  111 NE 11th Ave

  Portland, OR 97232-3002

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